For Employers

If you're located in the Pacific Northwest and need highly talented creative, technical and management staff to work with you on site, check this out. 500# Talent provides organizations large and small with exceptional talent quickly, and affordably.

Why 500#?

Our core values. Hard work, discipline, integrity and character. We say what we’ll do, and we do it. When we make mistakes, we fix them rather than make excuses. We also believe in working with people that are a good culture fit. Personality, work style and lifestyles need to be factored before we introduce folks into your environment. To us, character is just as important as talent.

About 500#

500# is a unit of measurement. To us, it’s the measure of how well we take care of our clients and staff. We don’t take that lightly, but at the same time we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We understand balance, and that life requires, well, living. We pride ourselves on doing outstanding work, and have a knack for attracting and retaining the best people to our team (and those of our clients!). Having fun is also critical. Life's too short to have a miserable work life.

Our team is deep and wide, so when you need new people, we can get you the muscle you need ricky-tick. We have people in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago, and can get folks to you just about anywhere in between.

Established in 2004 as a full service digital agency, we know how to attract and retain the best people. We decided to start our Talent division in 2010 as the market was shifting away from the high-cost agency model, and toward bringing in contract, contract to hire, and select full time placements. Our agency experience gives us the ability to bring better insights, better people, and a deeper bench than traditional staffing agencies.

500# Talent can provide exceptional resources at half the cost of typical digital or ad agency rates. How? Our model eliminates costly layers of management (project management, traffic management, account management, billing, etc.).

We’re in it for the long haul.

We know that it takes time to establish trust, and build a solid relationship. Anyone who’s worked in the recruiting business knows that it’s a business that is highly competitive, and it takes resources to guarantee satisfaction. 500#’s founders believe in delivering on agreements, integrity, fairness and taking care of people. In our case, it’s taking care of our clients, and taking care of our employees and contractors. This requires mature leadership, deep understanding of everyone’s needs, and finding a balance where needs are competing against one another. We’ve built our reputation on doing just that.

Budget Conscious?

If saving serious money is at the top of your list, and you don’t mind having us manage production with our offshore resources (India, the Philippines, and Ukraine), we can help you there as well with our International Services Group. As you might expect, we prefer to have work done here in the U.S., but acknowledge that many organizations are more concerned with bang for the buck. Our International group provides these solutions. The rates from this group typically run about half that of our standard 500lb Talent group (which are about half agency costs).

Please share your challenge with us now, and see what we can do.