Looking for Work?

Staffing is like picking a football team. Our clients call us to find them talent that fits a position in their lineup. Elements such as talent, skill set, integrity, work ethic, budgets, schedules and locations are details we aim to match. If you match the criteria *and* you’re dependable, professional and easy to work with, you’ll be working fast.

A good fit?

Do you work in the technical or creative services industry? If you're a pixel wizard with design, branding, interactive or marketing, let's talk. Your background in the creative, communications, production, user experience design and/or management of teams in these disciplines are extremely valuable. You've found yourself at the right place!

Give us a ring or email us something about your interests, background and goals. Let's get to work!

Tell us about you.

The more we know you the better we're able to get you to work quickly and consistently. Specifically, we need to know what you do best, what type of work you’re looking for, what environments fit, your current situation and how to reach you.

Be at the right place at the right time! 

The positions we fill are dictated entirely by our clients' needs. To give you the best shot at placement, be thorough and focused when filling out your profile with us. It has everything to do with your industry experience, talents, goals, programs you have mastered, and big brand companies you have worked for in the past. We'll work to keep the pipeline of opportunities for you full, so if you're unhappy where you've landed, we'll always have other opportunities for you to take a look at.

We're in it for the long haul.

500# isn't just a body mill. We pride ourselves for having a long-term, and we mean *career-long* relationship with you. Even if you land at a place you love and stay there for 10 years, when the time is up there, we want to help you find the next great place to land. Think of us as your career agent that's always got your back.

Your extended team.

One of our guiding principals is to share knowledge. It's a central part of our culture. Other members of the team, in different disciplines, are always encouraged to help others through our secured team wiki. So when you're up against a difficult challenge, hit the wiki and post your problem. Other people on our team will be happy to help you if they can!


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